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Your Benefits with Planr

In contrast to other programs that offer only one of these functions, requiring additional integrations and interfaces

Intuitive, Graphical Planning and Availability Check

Easily plan work assignments and absences with intuitive, graphical planning and automatic availability check to avoid double bookings

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Real-time Employee and Project View

Quickly switch between views and see all projects with their assigned employees in real-time. Accessible anytime via web browser or app.

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Overview of All Features

Discover the great features of planr and how our software can help you overcome your daily planning challenges. Be amazed by the diverse possibilities planr offers!

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The most effective companies rely on planr.

planr makes our work much easier because we have a good overview of who is working where on which project.

We like the fact that groups can be created individually and also shared with other users - we often use this.

The individual display options on the screen with the respective filters is brilliant.

The project leaders really appreciate that they can design their own views and that the display can be adapted to their individual needs.

Our clients


With PLANR, we have found a professional tool for scheduling our employees after a thorough evaluation. It was important for us to have a single application that could handle both project-based planning with a horizon of weeks and months, as well as service orders that are more hourly-based. Other highlights for us include preventing double bookings, the ability to store precise work hours, and various filtering options.

I am convinced that with the implementation of PLANR, we have reduced our idle time and optimized employee assignments. PLANR ensures that we are in the right place at the right time, and that not only pleases us but, above all, our customers.

Bruno Huonder
Chief Executive Officer
Baumann Koelliker Management AG
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Our decentralized structure is our recipe for success. For a workforce management software that needs to cater to the different characteristics of our group companies, this is a real challenge. It took several evaluations until we came across the young and dynamic company called codeto. Their core competencies include extensive expertise, creativity, flexibility, and, above all, a good understanding of the needs of software users.

Short and long-term planning, filtering options, workload charts, and excellent performance have impressed our companies. However, the most important highlight is the planr Mobile App. In a daily, weekly, and monthly overview, our employees are promptly informed about their scheduled assignments. With the integration of the time reporting software reportr, they will be able to generate reported assignments from planned assignments in the future. This will truly enhance efficiency and relieve our employees from administrative tasks.

Stephan Vokinger
Business Process Coordinator
Burkhalter Management AG
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