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How does resource planning work with planr?

planr is a web-based application that is available in real time to all users, whether planners, employees, secretaries or management. planr has a clear and simple interface for intuitive planning on the PC and an individual display for each employee on the smartphone.

Can planr be integrated into existing IT environments?

Yes, planr can be easily integrated into existing IT systems using open standards and interfaces. Integration enhances the efficiency and reliability of resource planning. Contact support for more information.

Is planr available on the web and smartphones?

planr is accessible via the web and smartphone, so that deployment and resource planning can be accessed from anywhere.

Which browsers are supported by planr?

planr is compatible with popular browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Edge. For best experience, we recommend Google Chrome or Edge. Our customer service is available for further questions and support.

What are the costs of using planr and are there different pricing options?

The pricing of planr distinguishes between planners and viewers, at 10.-/month for planners and 3.-/month for viewers. You can find more about this under "Costs".

What can be planned in planr?

With planr you can manage all aspects of your deployment and resource planning. This includes employees, projects, absences as well as the management ofe quipment and material.

How can planr help keep track of available resources?

planr offers different views with different levels of detail. There is the possibility to plan on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. In addition, there are various options for displaying the data. More information on this here XX under Functions.

Are changes and updates in planning communicated in real-time to all involved employees?

planr ensures real-time transmission of planning updates to all employees, all participants always have up-to-date information.

Can planr also be used to plan and manage the deployment of external service providers (temporary employees)?

Yes, planr can also be used to plan and manage the use of external service providers (temporary employees).

How are errors and conflicts in planning detected and resolved?

planr detects conflicts immediately and informs the user. This prevents conflicts right from the start.

Can my planning be exported as a PDF file?

Yes, with planr you can export your planning as a PDF to print or send by email.


Is there a trial version available?

planr offers a trial version for a limited period of 30 days. After a free live demo, you can try out the trial version with as many users as you like. If you decide to use planr, you will get access to the full version.

Which subscription is right for my business?

The most comprehensive subscription level of planr is the "Enterprise" subscription, which is suitable for larger companies with specific wishes and needs. The "Pro" version is ideal for medium to long-term planning, while the "Basic" version is suitable for short-term planning. You can find more information under "Prices”.

Is there a minimum contract duration?

No, planr can be cancelled at the end of each month.

Is technical support available?

Yes, technical support is available. Please contact us by email for assistance with technical questions or problems. We usually respond within 48 hours. Telephone support is also included in the Enterprise model.

What is a viewer license?

A viewer licence gives a person the right to view, but not edit, the roster.

What is a planr license?

A planr licence gives a person the right to schedule employees, enter external employees and create new projects

Does a temporary employee require a license?

No, temporary employees who do not need access to the web application can simply be registered and scheduled without having to buy a licence.

Data & Security

How are data captured with planr protected and stored?

planr stores all data in the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland (Zurich). All data is protected with modern security technologies to prevent unauthorised access and data loss.

Does planr run in the cloud?

Yes, planr runs on the Microsoft Cloud in Switzerland (Zurich).

Can planr be hosted in our own data center?

Yes, for more detailed information please contact our support.

Login & Interfaces

How can one log in and register with planr?

To be activated for planr, please fill out our contact form or contact us by e-mail.

Is there an option for SingleSign-On (SSO)?

Yes, for more detailed information please contact our support.

Are personal data requested and stored when logging in to planr?

No, planr does not use any of your personal data.

How can one change or reset their password if forgotten?

If you have forgotten your password in Planr, you can either reset it yourself or codeto reset it for you, depending on your account. If you use your Microsoft account, follow the instructions at https://support.microsoft.com/de-de/account-billing/zur%C3%BCcksetzen-eines-vergessenen-kennworts-f%C3%BCr-ihr-microsoft-konto-eff4f067-5042-c1a3-fe72-b04d60556c37 to reset the password. If you use an account created by codeto, contact us by email for assistance.

What permissions are available?

In planr there are 3 authorisation levels: Administrator, Project Manager and Employee. The administrator can adjust company settings, such as holidays, working hours and standard colours. The project manager can assign employees, enter external employees and create new projects. The employee can only view schedules, but not edit them.

Are there options to integrate with ERP systems?

Yes, planr has standardised interfaces that make it possible to easily connect ERP systems such as SAP, Abacus, Navision or Volta.


How do I add an employee?

Via the plus symbol "+" to the right of employees, projects, services or absences, new elements such as a project or a new employee can be entered. See more

How do I add new projects, service orders, or absences?

Via the plus symbol "+" to the right of employees, projects, services or absences, new elements such as a project or a new employee can be entered. See more

How do I create a disposition?

To enter a new disposition for an employee on the employee page, hold down the left mouse button and drag a bar over the desired period or double-click on the desired area. See more

Can I create a disposition formultiple employees simultaneously?

Yes, a multiple disposition can be created as follows: Several names can be entered in the "Employee" field. This makes it easy to create dispositions for several employees at the same time. On the pages "Projects", "Service", "Absences" and "Work equipment" a disposition is created in the same way, but the pop-up window looks different. In this pop-up window, those employees who are still available for the selected period are highlighted in green. For a multiple disposition, several employees can be selected with the CTRL key. See more

Can dispositions be copied?

Yes, the desired dispositions must first be marked. You can either draw a frame around the desired dispositions by holding down the ALT key and the left mouse button, release both keys or mark individual dispositions by holding down the CTRL key. Now you can duplicate the desired disposition with the "copy" symbol. See more

How do I create individual filters?

Individual filters can be created by clicking on the edit icon in the sidebar. One can compile the employees as desired and freely choose the sorting. See more

Can I manually adjust the sorting?

Yes, the sorting in the individual filters is freely selectable.

What are vacancies?

For long-term planning, you can use so-called vacancies. Vacancies are resources that are not yet assigned to a specific person. For example, if you need 2site managers for a project that will not start see more for 5 months, simply schedule 2 vacancies with the role site manager. See more

Scheduling vacancies
Vacancies can be created and scheduled for rough, long-term planning. Vacancies are shown separately in the workload overview and show whether planning leads to an overload. At a later date, the vacancies can simply be replaced by employees. See more

Edit vacancies
Schedules with vacancies can be managed in the same way as regular schedules. The vacancies can be easily replaced by regular employees via pop-up See more

How can holidays be entered?

Clicking on the three dots in the top left-hand corner opens a drop-down menu with the following selection: "Instructions", "Settings" and "Logout". Click on "Settings" to make company-wide settings: In the calendar, public holidays, bridge days and school holidays can be entered. Mark the start date, select further days with CTRL or click on the last date with Shift, then set the checkbox. For further entries, click directly on the next date without saving. At the end, confirm with Save. See more

Can different holidays be entered for different branches in different cantons?

Yes, the settings of the branches can be maintained separately. See more


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