‍Customer-Centric Focus: How codeto Develops Tailored Solutions for the Construction Industry

August 10, 2023

Customer-Centric Focus: How codeto Develops Tailored Solutions for the Construction Industry


In a world growing more digital by the day, the role of software across nearly all industries continues to rise. Particularly within the construction sector, where precise planning, coordination, and efficient resource management are indispensable, technological support can make all the difference. At the heart of this digital revolution is a company dedicated to crafting customized software solutions: codeto.

Codeto's Customer-Centric Approach

Codeto is committed to addressing the specific needs of the construction industry with a customer-focused approach. With a keen eye on customer needs, the company has developed an innovative and highly efficient planning software called planr. But what makes codeto and their software so unique? And how does the company manage not just to meet customer expectations but to surpass them?

planr: A Prime Example of Customer Orientation

  • Overview Planr is not just a standard software; it also offers a customized enterprise solution for large corporations. This version has already achieved significant success. Among the first major customers to benefit from this solution are the Baumann Koelliker Group and the Burkhalter Group.
  • Testimonials Bruno Huonder, CEO of Baumann Koelliker Management AG, praises planr highly. Similar sentiments come from Stephan Vokinger, Business Process Coordinator of Burkhalter Management AG.

reportr: The Next Stage in Customer-Centric Software Development

Codeto is not resting on its laurels. With reportr, a specialized reporting software, the company continues its mission to create tailored solutions for the construction industry. reportr will enhance planr's already impressive features with a comprehensive reporting component, enabling users to gain profound insights into project progress, measure efficiency, and identify trends.

The Impact of codeto on the Construction Industry

  • Benefits With planr and reportr, codeto offers not only powerful software tools but also solutions specifically tailored to the unique needs of the construction sector. Companies report improved planning processes, increased productivity, and more efficient workflows thanks to the implementation of codeto's solutions.
  • User Experience Many users highlight the user-friendliness of the software, emphasizing that it plays a crucial role in enhancing communication and coordination within their teams.


It's clear that codeto places the customer at the core of its software development. Through the customer-centric approach, the company develops bespoke solutions that meet the specific needs and demands of the construction industry. By doing so, codeto aids the construction industry on its journey towards a digital future.

Written by Shqipe Azizi, Codeto GmbH

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