Efficient Staff Planning: 5 Tips for Your Business

August 1, 2023

Learn how efficient staff planning can influence the success of your business! With our tips, on workforce scheduling and the use of workforce planning software, you can seamlessly complete projects and avoid delays, additional costs, and unhappy employees. You also increase the productivity of your employees and save costs.

To optimize your personnel planning, we recommend the following 5 tips:

  1. Create a long-term workforce schedule: A long-term workforce schedule allows you to plan projects and personnel needs in advance and avoid potential bottlenecks.
  2. Use a workforce planning software: Web applications like planr facilitate the creation of duty rosters, the management of vacations and other absences, and the calculation of company utilization. It can also help to improve communication and cooperation within the team.
  3. Conduct regular meetings: Regular meetings with your team and other relevant departments within the company can help identify and resolve issues early on, before they become larger. With planr, create individual filters to have the right overview at hand for each meeting. This allows you to easily and clearly divide teams, projects, and working resources.
  4. Avoid overload: Overtime can lead to employees becoming tired and unproductive, which can lead to a decrease in work performance in the long term. Avoid overload with planr by regularly checking the integrated load control when creating the duty rosters.
  5. Promote employee motivation with transparency: A motivated workforce is more productive and more engaged in their work. With the Planr Mobile App on the go, your employees and project managers can view the shift schedule from anywhere, whether at home or in the field.

In conclusion, efficient workforce planning is an important part of successful company management. By creating long-term workforce schedules, using workforce planning software, holding regular meetings, avoiding overload, and promoting employee motivation, the company can increase employee performance and satisfaction, successfully complete projects, and save costs.

It is important to consciously take the time to review and improve the personnel planning in the company to ensure long-term success. Simple and efficient staff planning - that's the focus of planr, the web-based application from codeto. With planr, all users, whether planners, employees, secretariat, or management, have real-time access to a clear and intuitive web interface, both on the PC and on the smartphone.

Planr was developed in collaboration with companies in the electrical industry and is constantly being expanded.

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